Sewing Resources

This is a list of helpful sewing tutorials I have come across. It's by no means comprehensive, but I'll add to it, I promise! If you know of  any other good tutorials (or have made one yourself), tell me about it and I'll add it to the list!

First off, Threads Magazine (as you probably know) is a tremendous resource for tutorials on technique, and I won't post every one of them here (I'll add those I've found intriguing or have used myself already). I'll link you to their garment construction site, though.

Same with Burda Style, which not only has lots of cute free patterns but also a whole database of tutorials!

Grosgrain also has some very nice tutorials, both on technique and on garments/accessories.

Patternmaking/Whole garment tutorials
5-minute skirt* by angrychicken 
Drafting a Convertible Collar by Gertie
Drafting a Peter Pan Collar Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 by Gertie
The Layer Cake Crinoline by Gertie
Full Gathered Skirt tutorial by Gertie - Part 2
How to construct Undies with a Serger and FOE by Zoe
Basic Fitted T-Shirt tutorial by mad mim 
How to make a Shift Dress (incl. pattern) by Christine Haynes
Drafting a Jacket Lining by Tasia (on Tilly's blog)

Moving Flare in a Skirt by Kenneth King / Threads Magazine (how to get rid of drag lines)
Fitting a Pencil Skirt by Cupcake Goddess
Full Bust Adjustment for Princess Seams by Sew, Mama, Sew!
Tissue Fitting Part I - Part II - Part III by Gertie

Staying a Curve with a Crossgrain Muslin by Kenneth King / Threads Magazine
Princess Seams, and other Treacherous Curves by Kenneth King / Threads Magazine
Sewing Princess Seams by Gertie
Yay for Sleeve Heads by Gertie
Trimming Tricks by Mary Ray / Threads Magazine
Make your Skirt Swirly with Horsehair Braid by Gertie
How to Sew French Seams by grosgrain
Shirring Tutorial by grosgrain
Constructing a Back Vent & Lining a Pencil Skirt by Cupcake Goddess
Setting in Tailored Sleeves by Gertie
Interlining a Coat for Warmth by Gertie

Bias Tape tutorial by angrychicken
Fold-Over Elastic tutorial by angrychicken
Hong Kong Seams by grosgrain
Blind Hem tutorial by grosgrain
Hemming a Circle Skirt Part I - Part II by Gertie
How to Sew a Classic T-Shirt Neckband by Cal Patch

Zippers, Buttons & Other Closures
Decorative Pockets or Bound Buttonholes by Louise Cutting / Threads Magazine 
Bound Buttonhole Tutorial by Gertie 
Covered Button tutorial by Gertie
Button Hole tutorial by grosgrain 
Invisible Zipper tutorial by grosgrain
Invisible Zipper tutorial by Cupcake Goddess
Vintage Lapped Side Zipper by Gertie
Prickstitching a Lapped Zipper by Cupcake Goddess
A Hand-Picked Zipper is Worth the Effort by Threads Magazine Editor
An Easy, Flat Fly-front Zipper by Threads Magazine Editor

Other Stuff that might be useful
How to make a Paper Maché Dress Form to your Measurements by Threads Magazine Editor
Fabric Sewing Guide by Shannon Gifford of Emma One Sock
Dyeing Elastic by Dana

Cute Accessories
Little Vintage Purse from Sew Retro - The Book bonus projects  
Little Flowers from Fabric Scraps by V&Co.
Big Fabric Flowers by Trey&Lucy